The mission of FITGirl, Inc. is to empower young girls as they develop and mature by demonstrating positive lifestyle choices; physical, mental, relational and nutritional.

FITGirl, Inc. was established to provide wellness programs for middle and high school youth in Nebraska. The program will create partnerships with the school districts, nonprofits and other institutions to reach as many girls as possible. FITGirl, Inc. will focus on four distinct areas:

Exercise techniques are taught in a fun way so that young girls want to exercise and view fitness as a good thing, not something they dread. We all know how difficult it is to stick with an exercise program that we don’t enjoy. When kids find out that exercise can be a lot of fun, they naturally want to do it and stick with it! Girls will be introduced to a variety of activities outside of select sports: yoga, kayaking, meditation, self defense, archery, rock climbing, dance, cheer and group fitness classes to name a few. Long term, our goal is to help an adolescent girl find activities she enjoys and will continue with into her adult years.

Empowering girls to make smart food choices for themselves and promote healthy dietary habits in others at home, among their peers and within their communities. FITGirl, Inc. provides instructional information and tools to help each girl make informed decisions about what they eat and drink through social media initiatives, cooking classes and live hands on workshops. Consistent messaging about nutrition and food choices will provide girls with a better understanding of how food directly impacts their mental state and well-being, resulting in better and more informed decisions at meal time.

Loneliness and desire for acceptance often drives pre teens and teens to give in to negative peer pressure. However, positive peer pressure can also be one of the most effective ways for a teen to practice good behavior and make smart choices in his or her life. Many girls with low self esteem have a hard time making friends or getting involved in sports and group activities. FITGirl, Inc. will provide opportunities for girls to build new relationships through community volunteer projects, role playing and team building activities that foster a safe and friendly environment where girls are comfortable in their own skin, more confident to approach and speak with others and develop a deeper self awareness of who they are and why they are special in their own unique way.

Self-esteem is too closely tied to physical attributes so girls feel they can’t measure up to society standards (the Dove Campaign reports 7 out of 10 girls feel they don’t measure up to society’s standards). Self-esteem is not just about how we look but how we feel about how we look. It’s not just about how successful or smart others say we are but how confident we feel about our talents and abilities. FITGirl, Inc. teaches girls to recognize the qualities that make up their own personality and contribute to their own uniqueness. We celebrate who they are and empower them with the mental tools to be able to overcome those times when their self-esteem feels challenged.

For more information, please contact the Founder, Cheri Dickmeyer at
FITGirl, Inc. 402-522-6330
4611 S 96th Street, Suite 135 • Omaha, NE 68127

To register for EmpowerU Winter/Spring 2018,
Registration for EmpowerU, a FITGirl, Inc. fitness and empowerment program for girls ages 8-14 years. Classes start February 11, 2018 and run 12 weeks on Sunday until May 6th at Kosama Fitness Center. Girls ages 8-11years: 4-5PM | Girls ages 12-14