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Camp Empowerment

2019 DATES
July 28-31 (Ages 8-10 Years)

AUG 4-7 (11-13 Years)
Platte River State Park

 Cost $325 first camper, $225 second camper!

*Nebraska Game & Parks have increased fees for all activities to help them pay for awesome upgrades so we too needed to increase our  fees to cover costs. All families will be given an opportunity to set up a 5 month payment plan. 

A Camp Like No Other! Join Us For 3 days of Fitness and Fun!

Empowering girls to live healthy, empowering, mindful lives.

 Sunrise yoga, hiking, swimming, horseback riding, kayaking, crafts, empowerment sessions, guest speakers, campfires, talks on social media, bullying, body image and self esteem.

Fitness – Physical fitness exercises consisting of strength training, stretching, agility and core combined with dance fitness and pilates.

Yoga -Today young girls deal with many distractions and temptations. Yoga can help your daughter:

  • Develop body awareness and increase positive self-image

  • Learn how to use their bodies in a healthy way

  • Manage stress through breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movement

  • Build concentration

Kayaking and/or Paddle Board – Connects a young girl with nature and helps her become more aware of her surroundings. Kayaking offers many benefits:

  • Learning how to kayak teaches kids to evaluate risk and how to balance it with reward in a fun, interactive way.

  • By using their bodies for a fun, adventurous sport, girls learn to respect their bodies and develop body coordination and awareness.

  • Teaches kids to use creative problem solving skills under pressure.

  • Creates an awareness of the natural world, and the need to protect it.

Nutrition – According to research, food preferences are formed in early childhood and affect an individual’s eating habits for life. Starting early is important to give our children the best chance to live healthy and successful lives and turn the tide on our obesity epidemic.

Crafts – With exposure to various types of arts and crafts, a young girl can develop her own individual craftsmanship interests. She can benefit from setting goals for achievement. As she improves with a certain craft, she can also look back on her progress to note the strengthening and refinement of her skills.

Other Activities – Adolescence is a critical time when many girls’ activity levels fall significantly or disappear altogether. Active girls tend to have higher self-esteem and self-confidence and healthier body images than girls who are not active. A goal at FITGirl, Inc. is to introduce young girls to different activities; providing choices  that encourage young girls to engage in regular physical activity and learn positive self-image and confidence.

Self Defense | Pound Fitness | Dance Workshop | Hiking | Archery | Horseback Riding | Naturalist Expedition | Biking | Swimming

– Inspiring confidence in young women requires visible, positive role models. FITGirl, Inc. has partnered with local, trailblazing women entrepreneurs and community leaders who are passionate in helping young girls find their truth path.