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For starters, I hope everyone is doing well in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. This pandemic has been infecting people so quickly, everyone has been advised to stay in their homes to prevent even wider spread of the virus. Being in the house all day sounds like a dream come true for some people, while others miss indulging in the outside world. The first day of quarantine and social distancing was okay, but days later is a whole different story. Eventually, we start to miss physically hanging out at other places and seeing our friends and family, but I found some fun ways to keep things interesting and stay connected.

Video calling —next best thing to face-to-face interaction
Try apps like FaceTime (iOS), House Party, Skype, Google Hangouts, or Messenger

Netflix Party, online movie night
This Netflix extension allows you to chat with friends while watching a movie
Search “netflix party”
Add the extension to your computer
Open Netflix and pick a show
Click on the “NP” extension (might be on the upper right corner of the screen)
Start a party and send your friends the link to join

Social Media comes in handy right now
Stay in touch with Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook, Twitter, or any other of your favorite apps.

What more do I have to say?

Play games with your family or friends
Check these games out:

Read a book
Physical copies or online. Read online for free with Wattpad, Internet Archive, Open Library,, or see if there is a pdf version of your book online

Draw pictures/ Make art
Art is in the eye of the beholder.

Build a Fort
Pillows, couch cushions, blankets, chairs, and all that other fun stuff.

Try to make a new recipe
Fruit/vegetable smoothies, homemade pizza, granola bars, spaghetti made from squash, etc. I advise you to improvise for any shortcomings of ingredients or get inspired to create your own recipe 😉

Watch movies
Along with snacks…healthier snacks (fruits, vegetables, veggie straws, popcorn without salt and butter, water, aloe vera juice, tortilla chips and guacamole)

Just a thought: you can also do this while watching tv.

Clean/ Re-organize/ Decorate your room
It’s spring. Spring is often connected to spring cleaning. If you’re in need of a change, see what wonders sprucing up your room can do for you.

Play in the yard
The outdoors is still yours, just be careful in public, though.

Take a warm bubble bath, use a face mask, paint your nails, try new hairstyles, or meditate (there’s a soothing app called Calm, you should try it).

Listen to music