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FITGirl, Inc. 12 Week Program with GoGirlGo! Award Winning Curriculum

As early as 10 years of age, girls begin to become more sedentary, their activity levels dropping as much as 83 percent as they transition through adolescense. 

By age 14, only 1 in 10 girls are doing enough physical activity to benefit their health, compared with roughly twice the number of boys of the same age.

Sources: Women’s Sports Foundation

In addition to lack of sports or fitness participation, a young girl’s self esteem takes a nose dive at age nine and in today’s world, adolescent girls are bombarded with images of external beauty, causing them to question themselves, how they should look, who they should be and how to fit in. Studies show that exercise programs are associated with significant increases in the self-esteem scores of students. Self-esteem is considered the most important measure of psychological well-being and is listed as one of the psychological dimensions that most benefits from the effects of regular exercise.  Source: The National Center for Biotechnology Information 

FITGirl, Inc partners with local colleges and univerities because we feel female athletes make great role models for adolescent girls by promoting physical activity and involvement in sports, confidence, a strong work ethic, and emphasizing the importance of education. 

The goals of the 12 week curriculum are for girls to:

  1. Become more physically active, working their way up to getting 60 minutes of exercise a day…and staying active for life!
  2. Develop and maintain self-respect, self-confidence, and a positive self-image.
  3. Understand the connection between mind and body.
  4. Internalize the message that there is no one “ideal” body type.
  5. Begin to understand the consequences of and explore alternatives to health-risk behaviors.
  6. Gain developmentally appropriate knowledge of nutrition and the health benefits of physical activity.
  7. Increase their motivation to participate in sports and other kinds of physical activity.
  8. Be able to respond positively to peer pressure.
  9. Accept and respect others.
  10. Build positive relationships with adult facilitators and the peers in the group.
  11. Build leadership skills and serve as role models for other girls to get physically active.
  12. Learn how to set goals and work towards achieving them.

BONUS! As part of our FITMind(TM) initiative, girls registered for EmpowerU will get to participate in a 45 minute YOGA AND MINDFULNESS class.

The curriculum consists of 12 lessons, each of which features a story by a local athlete or a peer role model and accompanying physical activities, discussion questions, facilitator tips, and healthy snack ideas. 

Meet athletes from Creighton, UNO and College of St Mary! Fun games, new friends, music, fitness, prizes and more! 

LESSONS: Bullying, Nutrition, Body Image, Diversity, Teamwork, Kindness, Difficult Feelings, Self Care, Digital Media Smarts, Confidence! Different speakers every week – a new activity every week!

FITGirl is Fun! We want girls to see exercise as something fun to do, not dread. Our staff and volunteers are energetic, caring, enthusiastic and care passionately about making a difference!

The lessons focus on helping girls explore important issues in their lives, helping them to build a positive self-image and motivating them to develop an interest in participating in sports and other kinds of physical activity. The lessons also help girls discover how they interact with the world around them, and aims to empower them to affect change in their own lives and the lives of others in their communities.

Each lesson also contains a “Try @ Home” activity. This is an activity girls should do at home on their own between sessions, working eventually toward a goal of being active 60 minutes a day.

Programs are held at our NEW Empowerment Center. Located off 156th & Maple (15505 Ruggles Street, Suite 108).   

Included in $140 Registration fee (processing fee of $9)
12 – 2 hour fitness & empowerment class (w yoga/mindfulness)
Personal journal with topics covered in award-winning curriculum
Access to NEW online FITGirls wellness activity app 
Shirt & Backpack
Free tickets to sporting events
Female athletes/role models encouraging girls to participate in sports and/or maintain a healthy active lifestyle
Reward incentives/Gift Cards (provided by local retailers) promoting daily physical fitness and healthy eating choices (girls can earn $5, $10 and $15 gift cards)



Teen Mentorship Program is Full! Registration for Fall Classes begin in July.

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE TEEN MENTROSHIP PROGRAM! Classes run Feb 3rd-Aprl 28th. The objective of the 12 week EmpowerU Mentorship program is to provide adolescent girls between ages 14-18 years an opportunity to participate in a coordinated, ongoing series of high-quality activities and learning experiences that help them to achieve social, emotional, and physical well-being.

Girls are paired with a local, female role model and partake in community service projects, physical fitness classes and enrichment activities. They will attain the ability to analyze their own strengths and weaknesses, set personal and vocational goals, and have the self-confidence and self-esteem to create a positive change in their life and the lives of others.