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Providing empowerment workshops and fitness classes every week during the school year for girls in grades 6-8th. Our 6 week empowerment curriculum enriches a student’s understanding of nutrition, exercise, self confidence and relationships.

We focus on six core modules:

  1. Self Confidence
  2. Embracing Individuality
  3. Confirmation and Validation
  4. Finding Appropriate Tribe Members
  5. Conquering Fear and Anxiety
  6. Instilling Inner Power

Testimonial – Julie Williams, Millard Public Schools Counselor
“Millard Central School has found the FITGirl, Inc. program to be an empowering experience for middle school girls. the girls involved learned basic friendship skills and worked on positive identity concepts. Our girls looked forward to going to the group classes weekly and ended up meeting new friends. Cheri Dickmeyer, and the other adults involved were all great role models for the girls. They were always prepared with a strong message and kept the girls moving with a variety of different activities. We will definitely have them back to Millard Central Middle School and will recommend this program to other middle schools.”


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