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Workshops and Classes

Hip Hop Workshop

Some girls are shy — and do need help asserting themselves and getting to know other kids. Socializing is sometimes best achieved informally.

Music and dance can take children with low confidence away from their inner concerns and encourage them to express themselves in a physical way.

Dancing involves using use both sides of your brain: one half for technique and control and the other for creativity and artistry. Dance can therefore increase brain productivity and children can increase their attention spans.

Many benefits to dance for all kids!! Get her involved – she will have a great time!!

Improv for FITGirl, Inc. Workshop

There is a clear, direct link between self-confidence of teenage girls and their health, happiness, and prosperity. To help combat low self-esteem, Big Canvas uses improv, a craft that has kept many laughing and feeling free.

improv, as we know it today, was created and shaped by women. Viola Spolin wrote the so-­called improv bible when she penned Improvisation for the Theater, a book of exercises and games she created for children.  Improv quintessentially is a collective, cooperative form that rests completely on trust for the spark of creativity that can transport the players, briefly, into confidence building interpersonal connections.

Through a variety of exercises and improv games like the ones you may have seen on Whose Line is it Anyway?, girls will work in small groups on learning their own improv game they will perform for the other attendees.