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It’s a new month with new opportunities for living your best life! 30 Day Challenges are a great way to try new things and find a new passion. Sometimes we try to take on more than we have time to do and eventually feel bad about ourselves when we fail to finish or even start a new project/activity. Rome was’t built in a day…take on only what you have time to do, master that, then start a new challenge.

Have you ever heard of FLOW? It’s when your skills and challenge are balanced. The fine line between boredom and feeling overwhelmed. It’s the sweet spot you are aiming for because you feel good when you do it and forget the time because you are having fun!

Let’s Do This! 🎃

30 Days of Awesome Actions!

CHOOSE A FEW TO TRY IN OCTOBER! (these are just examples – get creative and have fun with new ideas)
1. Write in a journal every night.
2. Paint.
3. Do something kind for a different person every day.
4. Find something every day you no longer need or use and give away.
5. Get up an hour earlier than you normally do.
6. Walk 10,000 steps daily.
7. Find a new recipe to try every day.
8. Give up sugar.
9. Give up bread.
10. Give up fast food.
11. Drink 10 8oz bottles of water daily.
12. 30 minutes of Exercise every day.
13. Make jewelry
14. Meditate
15. Practice one new Yoga pose every day.
16. Send one message to an old friend/colleague/acquaintance every day
17. Learn to play an instrument
18. Learn something new from history.
19. Learn a new language.
20. Don’t check social media for 30 days.
21. Learn how to dance. (salsa, jazz, ballroom)
22. Call somebody every day.
23. Try a new sport for 30 days
24. Take a picture of something beautiful every day.
25. Collect something for 30 days.
26. Give (a new) someone a heartfelt compliment every day.
27. Write down something you’re grateful for every day.
28. Make a scrapbook.
29. Fix something that’s broken every day.
30. Do something that scares you every day.
31. Volunteer your time every day.
32. Listen to a new podcast every day.
33. Become an expert on something in 30 days
34. Watch a documentary every day
35. Read something about financial health every day.
36. Read a new inspirational quote each day.
37. Eat something healthy you’ve never tried before every day.
38. Recycle or reuse packages of products you bought instead of throwing them away.
39. Listen to a new song older than 20 years every day.
40. Do something special for yourself every day.