What Is FITGirl?

Forming Incredible Teen Girls by Influencing Relationships and Lifestyles.

About FITGirl Inc.

Our Mission

To help young girls find their greatness within and empower them to embrace their own unique self by equipping them with the tools needed to navigate confidently through their teenage years.

Many girls lack the skills and abilities needed to self-improve so they can develop that certainty and confidence that is required for success and overcoming obstacles in life.

At FITGirl we want to help increase a young girl’s awareness in identifying who they are and what they want. We help develop their abilities through camp style programs by equipping them with life skills so they can succeed confidently. They will learn how to handle difficult situations and people, as well as overcome barriers to achieve goals. Most importantly, we will teach them about the importance of choosing healthy foods that fuel their body and the importance of exercise and mindful thinking.

FITGirl focuses on what is already inside your daughter – she just needs to learn how to tap into her own skills and abilities to shine.

A FITGirl will discover:

* Empowerment * Confidence * Motivation * Resiliency * Trust * Fitness and Nutrition * Supportive and Positive Relationships! *

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