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FITGirl Summer Camp 2015
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A Message from FITGIRL Founder, Cheri Dickmeyer:

IMG_0230I am so proud of the young ladies attending FITGIRL Camp 2015. In just three days, I have seen the girls go from quiet, reserved and anxious teens to excited, confident, respectful young ladies. All the girls are having an amazing time and going out of their way to make new friends. I am in awe with what has already been accomplished and it’s because of the amazing instructors and staff that have poured their hearts into designing a camp girls would flourish in.

Having two teenage daughters myself, I see and hear of the struggles young girls face on a daily basis with social media and fitting in. We have been teaching the girls to embrace their uniqueness, find their greatness and helping others see their originality and what makes them so great and one of a kind. Along with life lessons the girls can build upon, we are also teaching them how to care for their health through proper nutrition and fitness. At first we had a lot of hesitation with both the food and exercise – day three we see them eagerly wanting to try it all with a smile!

I honestly did not know what to expect with this age group (10-14) and I am truly impressed with each and every girl attending the camp and love hearing the testimonials from the parents who are seeing changes in their daughters as well.

This is just the beginning! We want to help the girls during the school year as well and I look forward to offering new programs and mini camps to keep the information fresh in their minds and available to other girls who did not have an opportunity to attend the summer camp!

I am excited for the future of FITGIRL and my hope is that each young lady that goes through a FITGIRL program, finds her greatness, becomes more confident, feels empowered and wants to pass those feelings and lessons onto others!

Fit Forever,
Cheri Dickmeyer



Here is some of the feedback we received during our 2015 Summer Camp:

Hear what mother, Tara Seng said… “FITGIRL should be incorporated into school curriculum! Life skills are overlooked and I believe this camp is an excellent introduction to the core topics; fitness, nutrition, stress management, and the hardest of all, self love. I had the privilege of talking to each group about proper hygiene, positive touch and words, while demonstrating quick braids and buns. I named the salon Moxie based on its definition. I believe when someone feels good about themselves they can overcome whatever they are struggling with with more confidence. FITGIRL is for all ages of women. Young and old, we all struggle with something, and learning a positive approach to handle whatever it may be is the key! Thank you Cheri for inviting me to participate! I’m already planning my next topic when the next camp comes around.”

Hear what mother, Nicole Johnson has to say… “This is by far the coolest camp my girls have ever been too!!! It’s exactly what girls between 10-14 NEED! They are already talking about telling their friend to come next summer! They love the yoga, meditation, exercise, yummy food & just the overall positivity!! I have truly noticed a difference & we are only three days in! Girls this age need this self esteem reinforcement & inner dialogue boosters! I can not say enough about how thankful & blessed I feel that my two girls got this experience!!!!!”

Hear what father, Jeff Engdahl has to say… “Chloe is having a blast! She loves Brent and how he is coaching her up. Exercise and yoga have become really important to her. She has met some great new friends. She said it would be really cool if this was a week long camp that went all day and where they spent the night!!!”

Hear what, Michelle Robinson Homme, one of our speakers said… “After only one day at FITGIRL, I could feel the attitudes changing within a few hours with these girls. They were excited and eager to learn and like all girls do, they like to talk and make new friends. They expressed genuineness with one another, asking questions when they wanted answers, and loved learning new things. Like all things new, some were apprehensive, maybe even skeptical, but quickly grew to understand how valuable these lessons will be in the future.   The may not want to admit it now, but the experiences here at FITGIRL will play a big part in these girls growing into everyone they want to be.”

Hear what mother, Lori Everts Blume shared with us… “My daughter said yesterday that she wants to go to FITGIRL every day! She LOVES it. She especially enjoys the yoga. She loves the girls, the staff, the food, everything. I have noticed a change in her attitude too. She told me she is going to stop her negative self talk…OMG, I love it! I can’t thank you enough on what a difference I’ve seen in only three days. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

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