SC15: Camp Activity Details

The FITGIRL will discover…

Empowerment | Confidence | Motivation | Resiliency | Trust | Fitness Fun

Healthy Nutrition | Positive Friendships | Supportive Relationships


FITGIRL Camp Details

Exercise techniques are taught in a fun way so that your daughter wants to exercise and views it as a good thing, not something she dreads. We all know how difficult it is to stick with an exercise program that we don’t enjoy. When kids find out that exercise can be a lot of fun, they naturally want to do it and stick with it!

All meals and drinks will be provided. Lunches will be planned by a licensed nutritionist/dietician and prepared by a local chef. Hy-Vee will also be providing meals and providing information on the importance of proper nutrition. Girls will learn how to prepare their own healthy, fulfilling lunches and understand the importance of eating a balanced meal. Please indicate medical conditions and food allergies on the registration form.

Girls will be introduced to yoga, kayaking and group fitness classes. Each day they will have an opportunity to learn self esteem and goal setting skills from local Olympic Hopeful, Aubrey Baxter and inner and outer beauty tips.

Many girls with low self esteem have a hard time making friends or getting involved in sports and group activities. FITGIRL will provide opportunities for the girls to build new relationships through role playing and team building activities that help them feel more confident with a deeper self awareness of who they are and why they are special in their own unique way.



FITGIRL Daily Schedule

9:00am Arrive

9:30 Classes Start

Fitness | Teen Counseling | Beauty from Inside/Out

Yoga | *Kayaking

11:30-12 Lunch

1pm Camp Dismisses

*KAYAKING FRIDAY ONLY* – all day (wear swimsuit under clothes and bring sunscreen) Lifejackets provided.



Here are the activities the girls will be participating in:

[su_tabs][su_tab title=”FITNESS”]

Day One – dynamic stretching, mobility, strength training
Day Two – core and flexibility
Day Three – strength and cardio
Day Four – mobility, core, plyometrics

[su_tab title=”TEEN COUNSELING TOPICS”][one-half-first]When You Don’t Like the Way You Look

See the whole you
Positives affirmations on your mirror
Positive journal writing
Workout focused on changes you want to make

[one-half]Fitting In

Avoid changes that change you
Make good changes
Find a new hobby or activity, join a group
Workout based on workouts the past few weeks


[one-half-first]Self Esteem

Rate your self-esteem
Give yourself a break
Focus on positives and things you can control


Communicating better with friends and family
Being assertive
Learn to listen and show respect



About friendship
What makes a good friend?
How to attract new friends

[one-half]Conflict Resolution

Conflict is part of life; however you can control how you react to it

[su_tab title=”INTERNAL BEAUTY”]
These courses will focus on learning how to first love the girl within. Once the teenager understands beauty first starts on the inside, she will participate in hair and makeup sessions as well as proper grooming and hygiene classes. She will learn less is more and she will truly understand that her personality is what will attract people to her, not her looks.[/su_tab]
[su_tab title=”YOGA”]Omaha’s most requested yoga instructor will teach the girls how to quiet the mind and inspire the body through music, movement and breath.[/su_tab]
[su_tab title=”KAYAKING *FRIDAY ONLY*”]*FRIDAY ONLY* Kayaking – All Day

Owners Walt and Chris Vosicka are doing what they love and love what they are doing. Both Chris and Walt are certified as ACA kayak instructors and with the Red Cross in CPR and First Aid. And while the owners of WoggWorks Kayaking are certainly more than qualified to teach and develop kayaking skills, it is their love of paddling, the water and nature that makes this husband-wife team so successful in what they do.

Safety is paramount at WoggWorks and life jackets are mandatory. Girls will learn proper paddling techniques and experience the serenity and peace that water can provide and leave with a greater appreciation and respect for nature.[/su_tab]

Limited Spots Available! The BEST Week of Your Girls Summer!



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