SC15: Instructor, Cheri Dickmeyer

Meet Cheri your FITGIRL Instructor


Cheri Dickmeyer, Founder FITGIRL Camp

After her mom passed away at age 51 of colon cancer, Cheri decided to use her marketing experience and education to promote health and wellness throughout the greater Omaha area. After years of product research, interviews with fitness enthusiasts and wellness consulting, she began her journey assisting gyms and fitness facilities with goals and ideas to help improve their wellness programs.

Inspired by transformations taking place in the local gyms, Cheri published Complete Transformation Magazine in 2012 – a quarterly compilation of local transformation stories with tips, expert advice and wellness guidelines for a those seeking a healthier lifestyle.

Born in Lincoln and raised in Omaha, Cheri has very strong ties to the community and is passionate about making Omaha a top fitness and wellness city. Growing up with two brothers, Cheri had no choice when it came to playing sports. She tried her hand at most sports, but softball was her favorite. She made life-long friends during that time and feels very strongly about youth being involved in some type of competitive sport growing up.

Always health-conscious and wanting to learn more, she passionately dedicates her efforts to assure that the community is continuously enjoying accurate and up-to-date information on various health topics to promote physical, mental, and social well-being. Aside from wanting to provide the best resources, tools and information to the Omaha community, Cheri also has a special talent for enhancing corporate marketability and owns a successful full service marketing and branding agency.

Cheri has two teenage daughters and is very familiar with the bullying, poor communication skills, and false satisfaction and lack of fulfillment girls experience when comparing themselves to others. Social media is now proven to cause depression and obesity in young girls and is a global epidemic. Cheri created this camp to help girls get back to the basics, find their true selves and provide tools that equip them with the knowledge and confidence to make decisions based on what is right, not what everyone else is doing.