According to a report by the Outdoor Foundation, a non-profit organization that encourages future generations of outdoor enthusiasts, teens overall are spending less time outside.

Research has repeatedly proven that time outdoors reduces levels of stress, depression, and anxiety. Many factors contribute to this effect. Our feelings of mindfulness, positivity, and wonder increase when we spend time outside. Furthermore, being surrounded by nature can inspire tranquility and positivity. Therefore, our state of mind improves.

Fun, safe, multi-sport outdoor activities provide opportunities for teens to take calculated risks and push their limits. Moreover, this type of risk-taking develops resilience and self-confidence, as opposed to risky behaviors associated with substance use.

Our community courses and camps will provide life-long skills, build confidence, increase physical activity, improve mood, and educate teen girls on how to participate in a variety of outdoor activities safely and independently.

Walk it Out, Talk it Out
Each Mind Matters

Adolescents tend to view their own peers as being more credible, having a better understanding of the concerns of young people, have a sense of responsibility to their friendship group, and are more likely to model the behaviors of peers than adults (DuBois & Karcher, 2014; Karcher, 2009; Smith, 2011). Furthermore, social networks among peers provide emotional, informational, and appraisal support that creates a sense of psychological safety within the peer group, resulting in higher motivation to change behavior and sustain behavioral change.

FITGirl, Inc, in partnership with Fontenelle Forest, is hosting a 4-week physical and mental health program, every Sunday focusing on social-emotional learning with 90-minute brisk walking, yoga cool down, mentorship, and journaling.

Cost for the 4 week program is $25 total and includes a shirt, journal and access to Tree Rush Adventure on last day of class. This program was created for girls and non-binary youth in grades 5th-7th. The program will be held at Fontenelle Forest every Sunday, April 16th to May 7th, 1-3 pm.

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