Enrich your after school programs with a variety of physical and mental health program formats that meet the diverse needs of schools and community organizations. Our GenerationFIT after school program was designed for middle school boys and girls (5th-8th grade) to instill life-long healthy habits. 


Through collaboration with local university athletes, our curriculum combines traditional playground games, typical ball sports, and fast-paced relay races and obstacle courses, providing moderate to vigorous physical activity programming.


We provide gender-neutral curriculums allowing kids to learn similar concepts, but each lesson will be tailored to meet them where they are at, so they will be comfortable with the material and it’s more meaningful to them – they will be able relate to specific scenarios, role-playing and examples.

Topics include: self esteem, teamwork, body positivity, diversity & inclusion, playing fair, friendships, giving back, bullying, substance abuse, nutrition and goal setting. 

Boys and Girls that we empower today will grow up to empower others. Not only will their quality of life be better by staying physically active, but they will also positively impact their family and the community where they live because of the economic growth they can provide. 


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