Everts Blum: “My daughter said yesterday that she wants to go to FITGIRL every day! She LOVES it. She especially enjoys the yoga. She loves the girls, the staff, the food, everything. I have noticed a change in her attitude too. She told me she is going to stop her negative self talk…OMG, I love it! I can’t thank you enough on what a difference I’ve seen in only three days. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Nicole Johnson: “This is by far the coolest camp my girls have ever been too!!! It’s exactly what girls between 10-14 NEED! They are already talking about telling their friend to come next summer! They love the yoga, meditation, exercise, yummy food & just the overall positivity!! I have truly noticed a difference & we are only three days in! Girls this age need this self esteem reinforcement & inner dialogue boosters! I can not say enough about how thankful & blessed I feel that my two girls got this experience!!!!!”

Mother of Six, Tara Seng: “FITGIRL should be incorporated into school curriculum! Life skills are overlooked and I believe this camp is an excellent introduction to the core topics; fitness, nutrition, stress management, and the hardest of all, self love. I had the privilege of talking to each group about proper hygiene, positive touch and words, while demonstrating quick braids and buns. I named the salon Moxie based on its definition. I believe when someone feels good about themselves they can overcome whatever they are struggling with with more confidence. FITGIRL is for all ages of women. Young and old, we all struggle with something, and learning a positive approach to handle whatever it may be is the key! Thank you Cheri for inviting me to participate! I’m already planning my next topic when the next camp comes around.”

FITGirl Cheer Parent, Pam Durkan: “My dad is in town for the holidays, he spent a good portion of the summer with Abby. His first evening here, Abby was playing, singing, skipping around the house; dad looked at me and asked, ‘What happened to her since this summer? She seems so much more confident, happy, outgoing…’ It was so great that he has noticed all of these positive changes!!! The girls obviously adore you and TRUST you!!! Thank you Christa and Cheri Dickmeyer!!!!

Parent from Colorado, Tanya Eivins Culp: “It seems crazy, to some, to drive from Colorado for a camp. When I found FitGirl camp and read all that it had to offer I knew this was a camp that the girls would not only enjoy but also learn to be better, stronger young ladies. We feel so lucky to have come across FitGirls camp, perfect camp and perfect timing. One of my daughters will be entering middle school, my other daughter is switching schools and my niece is entering 9th grade. All 3 opening new chapters in their life, facing their own unique struggles while trying to fit in and learn to be the best they can be! No pressure, LOL! It is exactly what I was looking for in a camp for the girls, empowering in every aspect of life from fitness and nutrition to mindfulness and managing feeling through yoga and meditation.”

April Anderson Bell: “I think I was more excited for my daughter to attend camp than she was, so I am so glad to say that she has finally exceeded my excitement and is truly having a great time! I have noticed some changes in her already this week and I am loving it! Thank you for all your hard work in organizing such a great experience for so many girls!”