This Program is for girls 12-16 years. It starts in July and ends in August with the Go Girl Run on Labor Day in September.

We are seeking volunteers who can facilitate a walk/run program offered every 2 weeks and hold discussions with young girls in break-out sessions. Volunteers must be 18 years or older and you can volunteer for one session, two sessions, or all sessions!

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How do we encourage teens to foster more healthy lifestyles?

Unlike team sports, running can be discovered and enjoyed independently without the risk of feeling self-conscious and subject to criticism, particularly at this sensitive age.

Self-awareness of one’s own improved fitness levels will not only boost self-esteem but is likely to encourage teenagers to take part in, and experiment with, other more social sports.

Benefits of joining a walk/run club:

1. Boosts Vit D naturally
2. Improves Mood
3. Builds self-confidence
4. Helps one cope with stress
5. Decreases the probability of developing Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure
6. Creates opportunities for life-long friendships
7. Improves sleep and memory
8. Fresh air = outside

Our mentors will help participates with individual goals and both encourage and support them throughout the training program. Participates will also have an opportunity after each walk/run to break out into small groups to openly share challenges, wins and issues they all commonly share as a Jr High or High school student.

Our program will provide participants with:
* Increased positive emotional and social behaviors
*Improved motivation to stay physically active
*Improved social relationships
*Increased knowledge on stress management
*Understanding of setting and accomplishing goals
*Confidence to stand up for self
*Encouragement to support peers
*Empowerment – self pride

Our training program is designed to guide you to the finish line – you choose how you want to cross that line! This program is for everyone – we match you with the best program that fits your current activity level. We want you to progress safely through the 5K training program and enjoy a the entire experience with us!

AS WE RUN, WE BECOME. Our program gives girls opportunities to come together and process the stresses they are confronted with on a daily basis with adult mentors who can help them find healthy answers without judgment or shame. It’s a safe space to learn more about themselves and the world around them.

Teens meet every week with adult female mentors (background checks will be completed on all volunteers) starting July through August with the Go Girl Run on Labor Day.

In addition to the in-person training, teens will be provided a training guide with challenges, tips and self-esteem activities. They will also be invited to a virtual guest presentation on the weeks we do not meet in-person.