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Teen girls ages 14-16 years.
$20 (Payment link will be sent via email after you have registered for the class). Payment secures seat.

About: This 2 Hour workshop will include topics most girls ages 14-16 years are experiencing during the school year: Dating, Social Media, Bullying, Body Image, Confidence, Friendships, Fitting In and more…

Michelle Homme: Michelle A. Homme is a published author and energetic speaker, bringing her personal experiences, life-oriented stories, and inspirational message to everyone she meets.  She has a degree in Political Science and is married with three sons.  Her women empowerment group, The G.I.F.T.™ has 75 members and is heading into its 4th year and has been blogging about life and the change she has seen in it for over five and a half years.  Michelle also writes quotes about life, change, and love and is nearing the completion of releasing her podcast as well. In addition, she is writing her 2nd book to be published this year.  She will get you to think about where you are and where you want to be and how looking at life a little differently can make all the difference.  For more information, you can find her at

Hanna Ehmke: Hanna is a student at the University of Nebraska-­Lincoln. She has been involved in athletics and strength training her whole life and has played volleyball for 12 years, finishing her career playing a season at Nebraska Wesleyan University. Hanna has also been involved in pageantry for a little over two years, and won her current title of Miss Nebraska Collegiate on February 13, 2016. With this title, she enjoys giving back to her community and promoting the national platform B.R.A.V.E. as well as her own personal platform and program, Teammates and Tiaras. B.R.A.V.E. stands for Building Respect And Values for Everyone, it is an anti­-bullying platform that spreads positivity and kindness through multiple aspects of daily life. Hanna’s personal program, Teammates and Tiaras, takes B.R.A.V.E. to the court and teaches young volleyball players the importance of being a good teammate and a respectful athlete. Hanna states, “Being a great volleyball player takes more than just physical skill. It takes mental toughness and sometimes the support of some great teammates to get you through a game.” With backgrounds in athletics and pageantry, Hanna knows the importance of having both a strong mind and a strong body, and she enjoys giving back to her community with the knowledge she has gained through her experiences.

























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