Community Classes

Open to everyone!

Winter/Spring 2023


FITGirl, Inc presents Mom and Daughter Self Defense with Hilary Catron!
Hosted by Ortho Nebraska.
*Special Guest: Allison Wakin, Owner, AwakIn Inspiration Events
Feb 19th, 2023 1-3PM
Location: Ortho Nebraska
3415 S 205th St, Omaha, NE 68022
$15 per person, class is limited to 16 participants.

Sorry, we missed you! This class is full, we are no longer accepting registrations.

Special Guest, Allison Wakin:

The best place for me to be is leading. Whether I am guiding my communication students as an Instructor at UNO, gathering a group exercise class as a fitness instructor, planning an event as a parent, or hosting friends for a few hours of self-care, I remind everyone that “You drive your success story. I simply help you AwakIn Inspiration.” 


 Our community is driven, diverse, and creative, and deserves the opportunity to celebrate through gathering and building one another up. Why AwakIn Inspiration? Why not? My goal is to get you to refocus on the most important person in your life; YOU! I have found that the best way to refocus on yourself is by surrounding yourself with others who are encouraging one another to take care of your minds and bodies.  


Pilates has taught me that strength does not come from extreme exercise, it comes from taking care of your body with balance, resistance, and repetition. The Pilates Reformer was introduced to me in 2007 as a form of physical therapy; one session and I was hooked. Not only did I begin to heal, but I also saw my body transform from the inside out. I felt stronger than I ever had; years of sports, injuries, and competition was powerful and a staple of my life, but now I had these skills and the ability to truly control my body and mind.  


Pilates has been there for me throughout my adult life; the one constant through every twist and turn. It has been there for me during my marriage, careers, home ownership and renovations, puppies, three babies, and everything in between. When I need to find my “core” again, I find my way to a Pilates workout and often bring my friends through private gatherings and holistic wellness events. Remember, you drive your success story. I get to help you AwakIn Inspiration along the way.  

Allison Wakin, owner
awakIn Inspiration Events