Founder, Executive Director, Cheri Dickmeyer

Cheri Dickmeyer, Founder FITGirl Inc.In June 2015, FITGirl Founder & Executive Director Cheri Dickmeyer, felt the local community was in need of a summer camp that focused on both fitness and empowerment for teen girls. Through personal experience with two teen daughters of her own, Cheri wanted to develop a program that would help middle school and highschool girls deal with anxiety, bullying, body image, self esteem, friendships and fitness.

The camp idea was initially born from Cheri’s experience running an online health and wellness magazine. Many mid to large cities have some type of fitness facility on almost every corner today, but because of liability issues, teens are not allowed in the equipment rooms and do not have many opportunities to join nutritional or fitness programs. Therefore; parents usually leave their kids at home, in the daycare facility or send them off to the pool or gymnasium while they work out. Cheri wanted to provide an opportunity that both helped the teen on an individual basis but also create an environment where family could adopt healthy lifestyles together and have fun while staying fit! Research suggests numerous benefits to school age kids when they adopt a healthy lifestyle with consistent exercise and proper nutrition. However, aside from school programs, many teens do not have the same opportunities adults have when it comes to wellness; leaving kids sluggish, irritable and irrational in school.

Within 30 days after the idea of a fitness program was thrown around, Cheri developed a summer camp program in July asking for the help of some of the best fitness and empowerment coaches in Omaha. The camp created a media frenzy with an outpouring of support and validation from parents throughout the metro area. Emails and calls poured in after the five day camp commenced: Cheri knew she had found a need that was in demand. FITGirl Inc. is now in full swing and in just six months has grown exponentially. FITGirl, Inc. now offers monthly mini-camps, empowerment, fear and anxiety classes, yoga and fitness, mother and daughter self defense classes, expo’s and more! It is more than a teen empowerment program – it is a movement!

Cheri graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing from University of Nebraska at Omaha as well as an Associate of Applied Science in Photography. She currently runs a full service marketing firm and continues work on her online magazine, Complete Transformation Magazine. Her primary goal today is to spend most of her time dedicated to the growth and expansion of FITGirl Inc. and is currently forming a non-profit organization that will allow her to grow to cities outside of Omaha.

In her spare time, Cheri enjoys traveling, spending time with her family and amazing daughters Lauren and Livi, volunteering, speaking and inspiring others to discover their passions, embrace their uniqueness and provide a forum for those who need to be heard. To learn more about Cheri Dickmeyer, her local work with FITGirl, Inc and partnerships with other incredible non-profits and businesses to further the FITGirl movement, click here.

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