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NEW Community Courses in 2024!

Our outdoor fitness classes are offered monthly for girls 11-14 years and quarterly for girls 8-10 years.


Future Belongs to FITGirls

woman and girl sitting by fireplace in Omaha, NERead about empowered girls in middle school and high school, from both Nebraska and Iowa, who are making a difference in their community.

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Workshops & Classes

woman working with two young girls at FITGirl workshops in Omaha, NEClasses created by women for women. Empower your daughters with confidence. Featuring workshops and classes that are practical and effective for girls.

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Featured Articles

African American female teen on floor with laptopOur favorite articles that empower girls and inform parents. Read for yourself and experience the movement of encouragement and inspiration!

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FITGirl, Inc. Events

FITGirl Mrs. Omaha Nebraska eventsEvents specifically designed to empower and enrich girls. From dodgeball tournaments to fashion shows to dynamic fitness, FITGirl has something for everyone!

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EmpowerU Blog

FITGirl, Inc Blog! Explore topics relating to self-esteem, positive thinking, confidence, and resilience. For parents and students.

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Camp Empowerment

girls at fitgirl camp empowerment Omaha, NEFood, Fun, Fitness & Friends
June and July overnight camps at regional parks throughout the midwest! Camps are limited to 15 participants 11-14 years.

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The mission of FITGirl, Inc is to empower girls and young women through outdoor, multi-sport adventures to lead healthy, resilient lives. 


One in four young people is suffering from depression, while one in five is struggling with anxiety.

Researchers have shown that outdoor play and nature-based activities are important tools to help teenagers cope with major stressors like the COVID-19 pandemic, and other global stressors. Researchers also underscore the mental health implications of restricting outdoor recreation opportunities for adolescents, and the need to increase access to the outdoors.

Our kids are the future…

By age 14, only 1 in 10 girls are doing enough physical activity to benefit their health compared with roughly twice the number of boys of the same age.*

A strong body yields a strong mind. Our monthly community courses and summer camps provide fun, physical fitness activities that give girls something to look forward to each month and in the summer. The classes and camps also provide opportunities for girls to build deep connections with others in a safe, trusting environment allowing them to learn more about themselves and others. 

Ultimately, we want our outdoor programs to provide life-long skills, build confidence, increase physical activity, improve mood, and educate girls on how to participate in a variety of outdoor activities safely and independently.

One adventure at a time.