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Parents play a powerful role in helping adolescents make healthy decisions. If you think talking to your daughter is tough, or it makes you nervous, know that you’re not alone.

FITGirl, Inc. has collaborated with other local non-profit organizations and businesses to provide FREE resources to help make the transition through teenage years a little easier.

Self-esteem and body image are often at their lowest during teenage years. Youth can feel awkward, painfully shy, self-conscious and isolated.

This page provides resources to help you and your child maintain a positive perspective. It also includes many resources to help you deal with problems related to self-esteem, body image (e.g. eating disorders), and social shyness.

Behaven Kids offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of youth and adolescents who struggle with behavioral or mental health concerns.  Our programs are solely focused on the maximum development and the best outcome of each individual.

No matter what level of care we are providing at Behaven Kids, treatment is designed to meet the specific strengths, needs, and treatment goals of each individual.  Services include comprehensive mental health assessments, Outpatient Therapy (individual, group, family), Psychiatric Services including Medication Management, Applied Behavior Analysis, Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Therapy Groups, and more!

Do not hesitate to let us help you navigate the challenging times of youth. We will help your child develop coping strategies, self-confidence, and help regulate emotions while they take control of their lives.

Beyond simply providing information, we offer guidance and expertise tailored to your individual situation. We can help you understand behavioral issues and offer you ways to address them.

In addition, you’ll find guides on important parenting subjects that contain articles, videos, parent Q&As and more. We also offer downloadable tools to make your parenting life easier, as well as an opportunity to sign up for several free email series to help you with specific parenting challenges.

We also suggest you share the website with your children. This site is part of the Boys Town National Hotline and provides kids and families the opportunity to ask questions via phone, text, chat or email. It’s a great way to let kids ​know they’re not alone and that support is always available.