SC15: Instructor All Bio’s

Meet Aubrey your FITGIRL Instructor


Aubrey Baxter, US Olympic HopefulATHLETICS
Aubrey was born and raised in Redfield, SD. In high school, Aubrey was a decorated four sport athlete (track, volleyball, basketball, softball). She was part of 15 state titles (softball, track, and volleyball) and 4 gold medals (overall best in all three classes at state track meet). As an all-area, all-conference, all-state , she was named Miss Volleyball in 2004 and participated as part of the Elite 8 (8 women athletes chosen in South Dakota every year).

Aubrey started college at the University of Mary in Bismarck, ND playing volleyball and track. When the college decided to switch divisions, she went out to Moorpark, California to train for a year and then finished her bachelor’s degree at Black Hills State University in Spearfish, SD. While in college, she was an All-American 28 times (counting USATF Club National meets) and 15 time National Champion and currently still holds 3 National Records.

In Brookings, SD she achieved her master’s degree in Counseling and Human Resource Development with an emphasis in School Counseling. After college, she had a school counselor and coaching job lined up, but she wasn’t ready to give up her dream of competing in the Olympics. Instead, she pursued an opening at Oklahoma State University as a volunteer coach where she could train as well. She finished her training in Modesto, CA in 2012.

During the 2012 Olympic season, Aubrey was ranked as high as #5 in the country and #24 in world. Aubrey was heart-broken not making the 2012 Olympic team, so she took some time off to re-visit her career and dream. She finished her master’s degree with an internship and had a beautiful son, Gerrit Jr. in May 2013. Se has recently passed the NCE, or the National Counselor Examination. Aubrey is again training with the dream of making the 2016 Olympic Team, representing the USA. She is currently ranked #6 in the US and top 30 in the world.

Aubrey has been involved with Complete Transformation Magazine’s, Seeking Self Love Tour that visits local schools speaking with teenage girls about bullying, body image and self-esteem. During the five day FITGIRL camp, Aubrey will provide opportunities for the girls to grow and develop skills needed to become confident, respectable and active. Her course focuses on inner dialogue, self esteem, communication and friendships.

Meet Brent your FITGIRL Instructor


Brent Dierking, Omaha's Top Fitness TrainerLIFE’S MISSION
If you were to ask Brent why he does what he does, he will also tell you that his passion for life is to help change lives for the better. He strives with everything he does to make a positive difference in the lives of people looking for a physical and psychological change. He is constantly encouraging clients to make changes in their lifestyles that will build their confidence to reach their wellness goals.

My clients tell me that my ability to empathize and understand their day to day mental barriers is what makes me different than other personal trainers. I’ve built my business by meeting new people and coaching them to create a road map of success to overcome their challenges and change their mental state.

Brent grew up on a farm in South Eastern NE, where he graduated with only nineteen in his class. He was a four sport athlete and was always involved in community activities. Brent attended Hastings College and had a successful career playing football and running track. While playing two sports and working multiple jobs, Brent graduated with a major in Psychology and Exercise Science with a Minor in Coaching. Soon he would go on to play Arena Football, first with the Lincoln Capitols and ending with the Omaha Beef. After taking eight years off , in 2014 he revisited arena football and played one final season with the Omaha Beef. Brent had an amazing experience getting to put the pads on one more time fulfilling a lifelong dream.

After moving to Omaha in 2005, Brent worked as a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness for over three years. After seeing success in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, he decided to branch off and start training as an individual contractor. He found out very quickly the joys and passion of running his own business and in 2009 opened Kosama, eventually opening an additional two more in Omaha. During his 2 1/2 year tenure at Kosama, he was co-champion of the 2011 Dancing with the Omaha stars. Later he decided to part ways with Kosama and open his own facility, Dynamic Fitness in Millard off L Street.

Brent is very aware of the struggles young girls face with body image and beauty. As a father to one daughter and step-father to a teenage daughter, Brent will focus on activities and training that not only encourage the girls to see exercise as a lifestyle but show them it’s not about the size or shape of your body, it’s about being the healthiest you can be and feeling wonderful and energetic all the time. Brent will show the girls proper warm up’s, correct stances and give them routines they can continue to work on long after camp is over. Brent is one of the most energetic and fun fitness instructors in Omaha, NE and will have the girls laughing and smiling through the entire camp!

Meet Lora your FITGIRL Instructor


Lora McCarville, Yoga InstructorInspired by community and love, Lora McCarville leads a dynamic vinyasa style yoga that infuses breath, music and joy! She is the Founder and Director of Yoga Rocks the Park-Omaha (the largest weekly summer festival in the midwest), Yoga Instructor for the Creighton Athletes, and Lead Teacher at Lotus House of Yoga. Lora leads the local community and travels globally teaching the radical importance of open heart living. She also teaches daily meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises) at her children’s school, where she believes our earthly work lives: “in the heart of our children.”

Lora will instruct the yoga and meditation classes and provide the girls with an understanding of Mindful living. The buzz word Mindful Living is defined several ways. From Lora’s experience of practice, it has opened the door to presence. Time has expanded. Daily, LOVE lives louder. Fear, anxiety and depression lessen. The reason is simple. In the present moment we remember that only love is real. Future story telling and anxiety ceases. Past story telling and depression quiets. Even if it is for just a single Mindful Moment, the breath is found. Those moments build and soon you realize that you are living a MINDFUL LIFE. Lora’s Website: LOMACYOGA

Meet Jeannie your FITGIRL Instructor


Jeannie Mursch, Health CoachJeannie is first and foremost a wife and mother to two children, an 11-year-old daughter and a nine-year-old son. She’s been involved with health and fitness since the age of 15 when she got her first job working at a gym. Jeanne started competing and powerlifting at age 16 and won several state and national championships. After graduating high school, she began working full-time as a weekend Manager of the gym and then went on to get her personal training and spinning certification.

Soon after getting married and having children, Jeanne, like most mom’s, experienced weight gain coupled with self-confidence issues as she headed back into the gym. After trying every diet in the world and having zero success, she decided to pursue a more natural holistic lifestyle that would hopefully impact her daughter as well. Jeanne stumbled upon The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and soon became a certified holistic health coach.

Jeanne now helps other families weed through the plethora of miss information on diet and nutrition. Her main philosophy is limiting anything in a package and reaching for more fruits and vegetables. She teaches what is called, ‘intuitive eating’ by helping people realize their bodies are smart and will perform for them if they feed it right. Jeanne also utilizes her 200 hour yoga teacher certification to help people with meditation, visualization, and positive self talk.

She currently teach kids yoga at Lotus house of yoga as well as spinning at One Fit and corporate yoga at several local businesses including work with the Girl Scouts of America. Jeanne is very passionate about whole, organic foods and started an organic produce group to help families pool their resources to purchase produce at a wholesale rate while providing a wide variety of fruits and vegetable. She currently has 100 members in the group.

Jeanne will teach each FITGIRL the principles of eating and cooking healthy, juicing, and empower her to make better choices by choosing the right snacks and use nutrition to help correct some of the side effects of various health issues kids experience today. All meals will be prepared in advance by Jeanne and she will explain the benefits of each food item as well as how certain foods help provide more energy, improve skin, enhance performance and prevent illness.

Meet Amie your FITGIRL Instructor


Amie Konwinski, Founder of Smart Girl StyleAmie has 25 years’ experience mentoring girls and women, starting with her career in the US Navy at just 17 years old. Amie spent 14 years in the United States Navy and achieved the level of Chief Petty Officer by age 29. She has worn many hats in her career including: a Computer Engineer, Marketing Executive, Business Entrepreneur and Mother to five daughters.

Amie founded the Company Smart Girl Style in March 2013 and is on a mission to change the culture of girls and women to make Smart Choices in their education, faith and family lives. Smart Girl Style offers Workshops for parents and girls ages 9 -19.

Amy started noticing the trend toward Smart Girls making no-so-smart choices in their personal lives: Educated girls and women, compromising their values, misrepresenting their ‘ personal brand’, and being bewitched by the KardASHian inclination to be a perfectly puffed and polished package (i.e., commodity).

Being a Mama to five daughters, ages 9-23, Amy finds it tough to be a parent in today’s climate, but it’s even harder to be a young woman of courage and confidence. Pop culture, social media, music lyrics, marketing campaigns, and friends and foes alike are influencing the choices our Smart Girls are making, whether they want to admit to it or not.

Amie will be discussing with the FITGIRL camp personal branding: Exploring and learning the importance of finding, and building, your own personal brand and how to confidently share it with the world. How Media and Marketing can influence choices girls make and will also discuss the posting of selfies and when is it ok to jump into social media like Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. Click here to learn more about Smart Girl Style.

On top of having the best of the best in Omaha teaching young girls empowerment and confidence daily,
CTM has partnered with additional guest speakers that will focus their talks on
self defense, beauty, personal branding, acceptance and team building.

Meet your FITGIRL Guest Speakers

self-defenseTIGER ROCK ACADEMY: The mission of Tiger-Rock is to empower students by enriching their personal, artistic, and professional lives through Tiger-Rock training.  While providing students with the various benefits resulting from highly functional training, Tiger-Rock believes the highest purpose of our programs is to prepare students for the responsibilities of citizenship.  Tiger-Rock will be showing the girls how to identify potential danger, act with confident  independence to get to safety, and if necessary know how to physically protect themselves.

WOGG WORKS: Owners Walt and Chris Vosicka are doing what they love and love what they are doing. Both Chris and Walt are certified as ACA kayak instructors and with the Red Cross in CPR and First Aid. And while the owners of WoggWorks Kayaking are certainly more than qualified to teach and develop kayaking skills, it is their love of paddling, the water and nature that makes this husband-wife team so successful in what they do.

Safety is paramount at WoggWorks and life jackets are mandatory. Girls will learn proper paddling techniques and experience the serenity and peace that water can provide and leave with a greater appreciation and respect for nature.

MOXIE SALON: Salon owner and mother to 5 girls her own, Tara Seng knows plenty about the struggles young girls face with beauty and body image. Tara and her team want to help each girl feel beautiful in their own skin and will teach each girl quick day hair styles, proper hair hygiene, how to get beauty waves and using a flat iron without ruining their hair.

SAMANTHA BARTELS: Being a licensed esthetician for 9 years, specializing in skin care and make-up, Samantha has always had a strong passion for Beauty.  Being a mother of a 7 year old girl, Samantha see’s first hand the struggles girls go through trying to live up to the ‘perceived’ beautiful young girls on television and in magazines. She is a firm believer of “beauty comes from within” but also teaches makeup tricks a young girl can use to make herself feel confident, comfortable and enhance her beauty from the outside as well. Sam has extensive experience with bridal make up , airbrushing, prom glamour and provides make up lessons where she is employed. Samantha will show and discuss how to naturally take good care of skin, how to apply make up that enhances their features and discuss how much is too much when applying makeup at a young age.

MICHELLE HOMME: Is a published author and energetic speaker, bringing her personal experiences, life-oriented stories, and inspirational message to everyone she meets.  She has a degree in Political Science and is married with three sons.  Her women empowerment group, The G.I.F.T.™ has 75 members and is heading into its 4th year.  Michelle also writes quotes about life, change, and love and is nearing the completion of releasing her podcast as well. In addition, she will start writing her second book this fall.  

Michelle will help the girls stop comparing themselves to one another.  Girls (and women) need to be reminded of their own great qualities and natural beauty, stop comparing themselves to their peers, and stop looking for what they are lacking instead of what they possess. She will help the girls stop being afraid of who they really are and be confident in all that they can be. More information on Michelle’s programs can be found at

KELLY ADAIR:  Kelly made her entry into the health and fitness industry in 1998. With over 30% bodyfat, she felt lifeless and insecure so she hid behind big and baggy shirts. Kelly knew there was a healthy body hiding somewhere beneath the layers of fat, she just lacked the support and blueprint to accomplish the goal of being healthy and fit. She made the decision stop the downward spiral. Rejecting the notion that losing confidence, gaining weight and wearing elastic-waisted pants was just part of the aging process, Kelly joined the gym, and from that moment on made the commitment to adapt a healthy, fit lifestyle and change her life – forever.

She is Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise and certified Les Mills Bodypump instructor. Kelly has been promoting health and fitness worldwide with the Changes That Last A Lifetime program through Abbott Laboratories. She jumped into the competition arena at age 43 finishing in the top 4 of the NANBF Central Midwest Championships and the NPC Grand Prix Championship, Chicago. A pinnacle moment in her life was standing next to Oprah Winfrey sharing her message with the audience on the stage of the “Oprah Winfrey Show!”

Kelly is the proud mother of daughter, Alexa, and is cherishing her new role as Grandma, which she describes as more scrumptious than cookie dough! Passion is the one word she uses to describe how she feels about helping other people discover the benefits of exercise, healthy eating, and cultivating inner strength. Kelly profoundly understands the immense amount of courage it takes for someone to take the first step. She wants to help FITGIRL’s find their courage and confidence to do whatever their heart desires and ignore the naysayers and non-believers. Her attitude is NEVER SURRENDER. Kelly is excited to be part of Omaha’s first Orangetheory Fitness studio and is ready to paint the town Orange! Orange Theory is proudly sponsoring Kelly’s message at the FITGIRL camp in July.

ANNA PETERS: Anna Peters is an ESL (English Second Language) teacher with Omaha Public Schools. She has 20 years of experience teaching elementary, middle and high school students. She has been married to Robert Peters for 19 years. They have one daughter, Hannah, who is 18 years old and ready to start college in the fall. Anna also has quite a bit of experience participating in pageants over the last 15 years. Recently, she placed 1st runner up in the 2013 Mrs. Nebraska-America pageant, and won interview and community service awards. She says, “Pageants are not just about winning the crown or the glitz and glamour. It’s also about finding your voice in issues you feel strongly about, gaining self-confidence in who you are and feeling comfortable in your own skin and helping others in your community.”

Growing up Korean-American, Anna struggled with identity and always felt she was different than her friends and peers. Anna will talk to the girls about embracing their true identity, being proud of who they are and where they came from and empower them to reach out to other girls who are of a different race, origin and nationality and let them know they are amazing and loved regardless of how they look, talk and live.