GenerationFIT is an after school program designed for both boys and girls ages 7-11 years.

In a world that is rapidly changing, children in both primary and secondary schools benefit from developing a range of personal and social skills such as peer relationship skills, prosocial behaviours (e.g. respect), leadership skills, problem-solving skills, and personal and social responsibility skills. When children develop these personal and social skills, they will not only be more successful learners, they will also be more likely to make a more successful transition to adult life (Wright and Craig, 2011). Evidence suggests that youngsters can develop these personal and social skills through their participation in physical education (Weiss, 2011) and sports!

Students participating in the GenerationFIT after school program receive an activity tracker over the duration of the program. Students sync their activity tracker to parent’s iphone or ipad (android coming in 2021) and receieve videos weekly created by our college athletes that provide up to 30 minutes of daily activity.  Students are then provided with an additional list of ideas on how they can stay active for a full 60 minutes each day.  In addition, the athletes come out to the school once a week to meet the kids and provide additonal fitness activities. 

Students set their own personal goals and when they reach levels, they earn badges.  Some badges will have rewards tied to them and those rewards are handed out at school every week.

ACTIVE KIDS ARE HAPPY KIDS! Our goal is to make fitness fun and create a lifelong love for staying active! Interactive fitness and gaming is simply active play. That is, participants are physically playing a game and not just passively watching it or doing some boring, monotonous exercise.

The GenerationFIT program encourages and rewards children (with support from parents and teachers) to improve their physical activity, healthy eating, self-confidence, mental health and general lifestyles. Our EmpowerU curriculum is tied to the GenerationFIT program providing lessons on diversity, body image, self respect, bullying, teamwork, nutrition and more!