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EMPOWERU – Empowerment University

The purpose of this course is to celebrate each individual girls uniqueness by instilling self confidence and providing skill sets needed to navigate through the teen years with strength and courage.

We will accomplish this by providing online workshops, group chat discussions, weekly one-on-one discussions with an empowerment coach, inspirational messages, positive reinforcement, empowerment activities and an email weekly to parents recapping the week and answering questions.

6 Week Course Curriculum:
1. Self Confidence. What does it mean and how can I become more confident?
2. Embracing Individuality. Accepting and loving who you are and finding/using your unique gifts.
3. Instilling Inner-Power. How do I find that? What do I do with it?
4. Confirmation and Validation.
5. Finding appropriate tribe members. Healthy relationships.
6. Conquering Fear and Anxiety.

Class also includes:
20% Discount on FITGirl Merchandise.
Girls receive weekly 1 hour group chats, 15 minute personal chats with coach and weekly empowerment video with exercise and study guide.
Celebratory dinner and certificate for the girls who complete course.

About the FITGirl Empowerment Coach:

Michelle Homme

Michelle A. Homme is a published author and energetic speaker, bringing her personal experiences, life-oriented stories, and inspirational message to everyone she meets.  She has a degree in Political Science and is married with three sons.  Her women empowerment group, The G.I.F.T.™ has 75 members and is heading into its 4th year and has been blogging about life and the change she has seen in it for over five and a half years.  Michelle also writes quotes about life, change, and love and is nearing the completion of releasing her podcast as well. In addition, she is writing her 2nd book to be published this year.  She will get you to think about where you are and where you want to be and how looking at life a little differently can make all the difference.  For more information, you can find her at

Class will be limited to 12 participants. Get registered today and let the EMPOWERMENT begin! Next Couse begins September 26th  | Ages 10-13 years


*Quarterly Classes for 8-10 year olds and 14-16 years coming soon!

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